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Re: Advice

> >The two cars are 91 Mitsu- Galant VR4's! # 703 & 1239. Both have less than
> >60K on the odo.  

Very nice price if you can get it under 10K!

> Mike
> I cant comment on the price, but the cars have proved to be very reliable 
> over here.
> Since they were used as Mitsu's rally weapon before the lancer, there is 
> alot of mods available & probably needed. The VR4's sold here were loaded 
> with toys and marketed as luxury cars not competition, hence low boost, 
> relatively soggy suspension & heavy. 

Agreed! In US VR4 develops 195HP and catapults 0-60 in just over 7 sec. 
Fast! It will go, but it wont enjoy the chase! The car tends to lean 
prematurely! AWS is nice for lane changing at high speeds.
For under 10K - great all-around commuter car... 

If you want a Mitsu which is fast 
> straight out of the box, then you need a Lancer GSR evo
I would love one of those myself - Lancer is the real Japanese 
high-performance car. BUT, nope... can't get one in US.