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Re: A4 Quattro Extended Warranty

In article <961231161152_1122629744@emout20.mail.aol.com> you write:
>I just purchased a 1997 A4 quattro.  I also purchased a GE 7yr/100,000 mile
>extended warranty contract (100 deductible per component).  I am however
>The warranty is going to cost me approximately $2500.  I figure to keep the
>car a while.  So my question basically is...  Is it worth the extra $2500? Or

That doesn't sound like a very good deal to me...  When you say "7 year,
100K mile", does that mean that it will take you up to 10 years of
ownership, or only to year 7?  One of the reason's I'm buying an A4 is
that ALL the maintainance is covered for the first 3 years.  Is it truely
7 year, 100K mile?

However, becaues you have to pay $100 for each part (as I understand your
description), that could get QUITE expensive.  How many components that
fail under the first 7 years are more then $200?  Does it cover the
clutch and the O2 sensor?  Oh, wait, the O2 sensor is only about $110...
Does it cover the labor involved?  Do you REALLY expect to spend more
than $2500 in maintainance in the first 7 years of ownership?  You can
get quite a lot of work done, even at the dealer for the price...

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