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EEK!!! I Blow it AGAIN!!

Mr. Merlin <merlin@ameritech.net> said:

> That's what I've been saying.  You can get 20-20k out of a tape.  The =
> primary differences between tape and cd (in relation to sound quality) =
> are dynamic range, signal to noise ratio, channel separation and wow and =
> flutter. =20
> ----------
> From:  Alexei M Voloshin[SMTP:Alexei.M.Voloshin-1@tc.umn.edu]
> Not true, I've tested my home Denon unit and I got 17 kHz even on the=20
> worst non-metal, non-chrome 79 cents cassette. This is after recording =
> on the same unit.
> Alex

ACH!  As you point out, some evidently will do better.  I am finally 
moved to get off my duff and check the manuals for my current auto 
units. The Sony XR-5500 in the Audi claims 40-16Khz response for tape 
and 58 dB signal to noise for type II and IV tapes.  The FM tuner is 
rated 30-15Khz, which is what I must have recalled when I flashed 
back on the specs.  

The slightly higher-zoot JVC KS-RG4 in my Datsun Z-car (with 6-disc 
changer) claims 40-16Khz response with normal tape, 40-18Khz response 
with Metal or CrO2 tapes!!  Also claims 40-15Khz for FM reception, 
and 40-20Khz response for the amplifier section, which I will grandly 
and with no justification assume is how it treats the CD input.  I 
believe it does give more top end response on CD, because on some CDs 
I actually end up turning down the treble slightly.

SO - YES, I was wrong again!  I still wonder whether the Hon Dave 
head is actually getting 20K out of his Nak, but I'm not there to 
challenge it.

Please note that the astute Alexi says *recorded on the same deck*.  
Tapes are prone to performing best when recorded and played bacl on 
the same unit.  Alexi, will that tape play back the 17 khz signal on 
your car deck??  I wager that many tapes recorded on top-end 
equipment are not reproduced as well by the car deck.

And of course, if one listens to Factory recorded tapes, this is all 
moot - since the tape stock they are recorded on is egregiously cheap 
and not fit to reproduce music at all.

Live and learn, folks.  Thanks for correcting me - I am now better 
informed about the frequency response issue.

PS, Dave: I have a 1982-vintage 3-motor BIC home cassette deck, which 
is not available any more.  It does pretty darn nice work, too!

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