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re:Happy with Nokia's NRW

Solomon Ngan sed:
>Happy new year to all,
>We've had a couple of snow storms already.
>I'm quite happy with my Nokia NRW and my wife's Nokia 10.
>This morning with 3" fresh snow overnight, snow plow hasn't
>come around yet, I was on the road, enjoying it.
>I was passing cars, especially at traffic light, I was
>taking off at ease.

I, too, recently purchased a set of the NRW's.  Thanks to |DAN| for putting
together the deal!!!  These tires are 1) quieter than my all seasons 2) very
grippy in ice, mud, deep dry snow, deep wet snow, slush, up to the limits of
ground clearance (you CAN stick a q, just put it up on enough snow, BTDT).
They seem a little squirmy on dry pavement, but make an excellent companion
to audi awd for the winter nastiness.  

Another pleased customer!

87 4kcsq alpine white/light grey cloth
QCUSA #1765
Member #47 NW Region AQC