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Re: If it WASN'T a Quattro

At 02:52 AM 01/01/97 -0600, Alexei wrote:
>I think the question is not phrased right!
>If it WASN'T a Quattro and if you don't have a deep pocket and a fat 
>check book would you consider an Audi???

Well, I am back "home", both here in MD and on the list. Glad to be back
with everyone here. Hope everyone's holiday season went well.

I thought about staying out of this thread, but being one of the few (I
believe) listers with FWD, I feel the need to throw in a nickel.

>The fact is, average purchase price of a car in America is just under 
>$18k according to Newsweek. No new FWD Audi for this amount of money! The 
>best you can do is low mileage 93-92 100 with around 50k or 93-94 90 with 

Yep, and I consciously made the decision to buy just such a car. I much
preferred to buy the used Audi (albeit, FWD, since used late-model q's are
hard to come by at a dealer) than spend more for a brand-new Taurus (ugh!!
don't get me going....).

I only went in to look at Audis because I had heard so much about the
quattro system. When I told the salesman that I did not want a FWD car (I'd
had them, and didn't like the feel... I liked the feel of RWD, and hence
would be looking at MB and BMW), he asked if I had ever driven an Audi. He
said the FWD Audis drive much better than most FWDs (which I later found out
the reason why is because of great engineering and equal-length driveshafts
going to the front wheels). I took one for a drive, and needless to say, I
bought the FWD.

IMHO, a used Audi, q or not, is better (in almost all regards... especially
comfort, handling, and safety) than most new cars for the same money. This
has the been the best car I've ever owned, regardless of it being FWD. If
quattro was banned from the auto industry (kinda' like with the touring
cars....), I most certainly would buy a FWD Audi. As much as my next one
will be quattro, I have not discouraged anyone from buying a FWD Audi. In
general, they are great cars.

>And I'm sure that everybody here is aware what kind of money does it take
to keep 
>one in running condition.

So far, this car has been very reliable (knock on wood, fingers
crossed....), and the Audi gods have spared me, for the most part. Yeah,
parts are expensive, but for a car that I feel is going to last me 200k
miles or more, it is a *small* price to pay. And for the added peace of mind
that I am very safe in this car, it is worth it.

>Sure, the cars are built solid, performance is great, but with no Quattro,
Audi is just one of many.

Well, my opinion is different. It is not just one of many. The solid build
quality and handling of this FWD is MUCH different than some others I've had
the chance to ride in and drive. As someone else had said, the Euro/German
*feel* is just not there in other cars.

>I can get a 96 Maxima GXE for that and 
>performance of that one is comparable to any FWD Audi. Reliability is way 
>better and it is built well. I'm sure you can find many examples and 
>suddenly it becomes a tough choice... Acura Vigor is another example, 
>inline 5, double wishbones... both of these need a lot less money to be 
>kept up.

Is this opinion, speculation, or based on numbers and facts? I've heard that
many of the Japanese autos are very expensive for routine maintenance and
parts as well. But that is just what I've *heard*.... :-)

>A 92 325 or 318 is another great alternative, yes I don't like 
>the cheap insides of those cars and grey colored bumpers of the 3 series 
>produced in 92,

I agree for sure on this one. They feel and look rather cheap inside, for
the money spent!! Score one more for Audi!! 

>but the performance and solidity are there

No opinion here. I haven't driven or ridden in one. Just sat in a few examples.

>and the reliability is better. 

See above. Fact, opinion, speculation or experience?

>You may say I'm bragging. Hey, I love to do work on all the cars in my 
>house hold and what could be more user friendly than Audi. But parts cost 
>is great and I can't spend all my time under the hood. 

Agreed. You are probably like me. As much as I love my car, I don't have all
the time in the world to fix it when something goes wrong (coupled with the
fact that they still don't make a Bentley for it yet!! Ugh!!) I've been glad
(and fortunate) that this car has been so reliable. I do some of the routine
stuff (oil change, plugs, plug wires, etc...), but have left the big stuff
to those better qualified. I can't afford to take apart my daily driver, and
not get it back together to go to work the next day, so some stuff has to be
farmed out.

I'd like to try doing more, but I think I am going to buy a second car for
that (most likely a used quattro, for track and winter!!). Yee-haw...
another "toy"!!

>If money were no object... I'd get Mercedes E50 over the FWD A8.

Hmmm... with money no object, I'd get the ultimate q.... the Porsche 911
Turbo. Simply awesome. And if I needed to carry more people, I'd get the A8
4.2Q. Too bad they don't make the A8 in a wagon... wow... talk about the
ultimate family hauler!!

Okay... I've said enough. Tell me to shut up now.....

Happy New Year.

                             Jim Griffin
                        Maryland, USA
   "Perception is often stronger than reality!"
                               '92 100S