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re: '89 80 coolant problem/cappucino machine **FIXED**

Recently I wrote about my coolant system:

>My (up to now) very faithful '89 80 developed a problem a few hours before
>I left town for Christmas.  I return tomorrow, to investigate what went
>wrong.  I'd sure appreciate any hints/suggestions that the more experienced
>here on the list could give me.
>The symptoms:


It's fixed!  I had a talk with my dealer (without the car being present),
and he suggested that it could easily be the pressure cap on the coolant
system.  The part was cheap ($15), and it seemed to explain all the
symptoms.  Picked one up yesterday, put it on this morning, added coolant,
and went out to heat it up.

Works _great_.  This is my least expensive offering to the gods ever.

Thanks to all who sent advice.  More will probably be requested in the
future :-)

	- Bryan

	- Bryan

'94 BMW K75S		_red_
'94 Honda XR250L	with extra needles and thread
'89 Audi 80		I think I can, I think I can ...