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Re: Grounding point

-- [ From: human * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --

>Ah yes , I know we have a galvanized body car, but I don't know that there
is (are) a special grounding point(s) in the car, especially in the trunk
where the power amp. be grounded.

Ben, to minimize noise you should practice what is known as "star grounding.
"  Every component of your system should be grounded to one common point -
and the line level interconnects should be "directional" meaning their
sheild conductor must only be connected at one end.  Otherwise you get what
are known as "ground loops" which can generate noise problems due to the
small resistance between different ground points.  

The cars grounding points are usually recognizable by the fact that several
brown wires go to them.  They might have o-ring connectors, sometimes there
is a nifty multi-male thing screwed down with a bunch of brown wires going
to it.  BTW anytime you put a screw through the sheet metal you will contact
the bare steel. 

On my coupe I ran everything to the bolts holding the shift lever housing
down.  Including the power amp grounds - I used some 6 Ga wire, one for each
side.  I mounted a spare multi-male thing to attach the lower current
component grounds to the same bolt.  
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