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Re: If it wasn't a quattro

Before writing out a check.........  I would look at the Maxima SE & perhaps the Eagle.  Unfamilar with the latter.

I have owned an '84 & a '90 Maxima SE.  The '90 I sold with 94k miles to purchase my '93 100CSQ stick.  The '90 required a timing belt, water pump, battery & a new set of tires.  The cassette died under warrenty & was replaced.  The Suspension Techniques anti-sway bars were a gift to myself.

I tried an A4 in Q & non-Q form.  Stick & auto.  The different combinations had different feels.

In the end it is your friend's.  To me the value of an Audi was getting Q & stick.  Till then I stuck with my Maxima.

Vince Jones

Breaking loose in snow with Dunlop 200 Graspic's in parking lots.  Letting others pass on the road.