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Re: If it wasn't a quattro.

Trisha Blethen wrote:
> Steve Adams wrote:
> >
> > If it wasn't a quattro it would have little to do with this mailing
> > list!
> >
> > Yawn...more e-mail to delete..
> Oh, excuse me?  As a family member who's family owns collectively, 4 Q's
> and 3 nonQ's......the non Q's are as good as our Q's except when it
> snows.  They are not considered boring by any stretch of the
> imagination.
> Damn, if they were, would we own 3 non Q'S?  Don't think so.......so
> don't be stuck up........and as I said...as a family member of a 4 Q'
> family.....I can safely say that.

lol...Sorry Trisha...maybe did sound that way...twas written out of
boredom....a poor attempt at humour...you know the old
saying.."sarcasm-the lowest form of wit and the last resort of the
mentally destitute"...humble apologies:))

Steve Adams