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Oil filters for V6 A4's

I Just did the first oil change on my new A4Q 2.8 (~2000miles).  You
CANNOT (apparently) get aftermarket Oil Filters for these things.
After long searching, I had to go to the dealer and pay $20 
(discounted 10% they told me) for a filter!  By the way those things
are HUGE.  Much bigger that the filters on my prev Audi's (I5's all).
Anyway, anyone know of a cheap source for the A4 V6 oil filters?  I
want to change the oil every 3K or so (between the covered changes,
which, you'll note, are every 15K miles!!!!) and $20 is a lot to pay.

Apart from that, I was happy at how accessible the filter and drain
plug are on the A4 V6.  Much better than the I5's I was used to. Of
course you still have to remove much of the car's bodywork to get at
it (OK, so I exaggerate a little).  And at least they now use Dzus-like
(1/2 turn) attachment screws for the undertray.  (Are Audis actually 
getting easy(er) to maintain?)

-Mark Quinn