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Coupe door locks (was Fiche an some other stuff)


I had similar problems with our '91 Coupe. When it got cold the inside
door handles would start to feel "mushy", and eventually the release cable
would pop out of the guide at the inside end. An easy fix for me (meaning
without removing the door panel) has been to remove the inside latch
assembly and carefully inject some light lubricant down the cable (this is
somewhat awkward). Let me know if you find some upgrade parts. 

> A question for you and the list, on your Coupe Quattro, have you had any 
> lock problems? I have spent a few hours this past week cleaning the locks.
> I have had the door panel on and off about 10 times now. Last night, (New
> Years Eve), at 12:30 am, the actuator arm on the lock cylinder snapped.
> I opened the door up today (since it warmed up to 20 deg F) and verified
> that its broken.
> Later,
> Scott Malcolm

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