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Re: Bob's Demise...

On Thu, 2 Jan 1997, Graydon D. Stuckey wrote:
> Fire and Brimstone from heaven is falling....  

I was afraid of that! :)

> > Power?? No. Handling? 
> Come on Bob, Any Audi turbo can be persuaded to make decent amounts of
> power.  Now, I agree, it is never enough (I'm a firm believer in the "Not

Granted... but (no insult intended here to anyone) a turbo only came on 
the big body, and the 5000 is like driving a waterbed. I just cant 
imagine that you can get a 5k or 200 to be and feel light an nible...if 
so, then it must cost SERIOUS coin, and now you just made the car even 
further off course than say a WRX, SVX or something to the effect 
(Granted, the SVX handling is a joke too) I like the 'smallness' of a 90 
series, with a tight body, great suspension and really really tossable 
attitude.  Besides, add lots of power to a 5k turbo that is fwd (that is 
what we are talking here...) and that doesnt seem like a good balance either!
Remember, this is just my opinion, based on lots of seat time in 4k's, 
90's and various and sundry 5k's.

> > no. Styling?? Maybe.
> That's subjective, but I think they are handsome even if they are not
> exciting to look at.  At least they aren't offensive like the 
> Aurora/Riviera and the new Taurus! 

Agreed. Nothing to look twice at, but nothing that will make people point 
and laugh either...

> > Safety?? YES. One out of 4 aint great.
> > Now add the cost of maintenance, poor electricals, High insurances, taxes 
> That's the price of admission.

Put a roll cage in an escort, and in the dry will outdrag all but the 
turbo audi's and its safe too! (Im really pushing it, arent I)

> > Im going to get burned, arent I.
> I'll pray for you Bob.  You _know_ that the Audigods are going to get you 
> don't you?  :-)

Thanks bud, Ill need it!

Bob D'Amato SNET 300 George St. New Haven, CT 06510 203-771-7081
               Drive Safe, Drive Fast, Drive a Quattro