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Re: Parts Fiche, digital on PC

On Jan 2, 12:17pm, Dan Simoes wrote:
> Subject: Re: Parts Fiche, digital on PC
> Alldata (on the web, BTW) makes something like this on CDROM.
> I've asked them to send me an evaluation version for my cars
> and will let you know how they look.

	I looked at both the repair and TSB information on the
	Alldata CD for my '91 200Q, but found that repair information
	was sketchy and incomplete. Many important components had
	*no* information at all, other than a TSB which happened to
	mention the component. In summary, very disappointing, and
	not worth even the $25 I paid for it. The TSB information
	appears to be complete, though, and may be quite useful.

	Needless to say, I returned the CD (have yet to receive
	credit, though). No substitute for the Bentley tomes,
	I'm afraid.


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