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RE: Road & Track Feb. 97'

I believe the A3 has a transversely mounted engine, thus ruling out
quattro... Bummer.
- peter
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>Jonathan Linkov wrote:
>> Oh, please don't ruin it for me!   I moved and the magazine has yet to be
>> re-routed.
>> Jon Linkov
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>>   Well, I just got the new issue of R&T in the mail today (Feb. 97') and I
>> must say that it is one of the better issues that I have seen in a while.
>On the subject of mags, the mailman delivered European Car (Feb 97)
>earlier this week.  They had a very favorable write-up on the new A3
>with one significant omission; they failed to have any discussion of a
>Quattro option.  It looks like a great, Audi-refined intepretation of
>the GTI theme with a few "luxury/comfort" features thrown-in.  Anyone
>know about the availability plans for our favorite powertrain option?
>87 5kq