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RE: If it WASN'T a Quattro - would you buy one?

Bob D'Amato (mx@snet.com) wrote:
> I would not buy and Audi if it didnt have Quattro.
> Im going to get burned, arent I.
> Bob

Yes Bob, to a crisp. :^)

Since everyone and their brother are throwing in their opinions on this one, I 
figured I would too.  I apologize in advance for the length and boring content.

I would and have.  Actually I've only owned one non-VW/Audi (Suby GL 4WD 
Wagon - tin can, speed casket, but _never_ had any Uncle Ben's in the gas tank 
:^), so I'm probably biased.  My first Audi was an '81 5KS Diesel, and I *loved* 
that car!  Of course, it was quite a leap in luxury from the Beetles and Rabbits I 
was used to, plus it had that wonderful smokescreen feature.  Two 4KS later, 
I own a CQ. 

The Q is definitely awesome, but the FWDrivers have other things going for 
them.  Safety is a big one.  The Audis had (have) safety features that other 
mfgs. are just now catching on to.  I remember a few years ago the big three 
were all touting their safety features such as side impact beams, front and rear 
crumple zones, etc.  My 4KS had those back in '86! ('85 build actually)  Most 
companies add safety features as marketing gimmicks to help the cars sell.  
Audi (and other German mfgs.) are obsessed with safety for safety's sake.  I 
know that if I'm in an Audi, I'm as safe as I can possibly be - for a car of 
whatever particular vintage.  Can you really say that you trust the American 
and Japanese engineers to look out for your safety?  These companies resist 
_anything_ that cuts into their bottom line.

Build quality and timeless styling is another factor.  It's what keeps these cars 
looking/driving like new.  Take a close look at a U.S. or Asian car of the same 
vintage as your Audi.

Last, but not least, thanks to UA used Audis are cheap.  I know, I know, mixed 
blessing, yadda, yadda; the fact remains that without that crap, I probably 
couldn't afford the cars I have had.

Eric Renneisen
'90 CQ 20V  -  my 'running-iron'  ;^)
'86 4KS  -  found a new home
'86 4KS  -  sacrificed its life for mine, taught me a BIG lesson
'81 5KS Diesel  -  Saved me from a blue hair in a Puik
'79 Rabbit Diesel  -  Umm, ...it got great gas mileage, OK?
'78 Rabbit  -  sacrificed its life for my mother's
'74 SuperBeetle  -  Who knows?
'71 Beetle  -  Oh man!  Would you believe that a dog hit me in this car, dented
               the door!