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Bob wrote:
"I would not buy and Audi if it didnt have Quattro. I dont feel they have
any other redeeming values other than the Q system. Power?? No. Handling?
no. Styling?? Maybe.  Safety?? YES. One out of 4 aint great.
Now add the cost of maintenance, poor electricals, High insurances, taxes
etc...I dont see what it would offer me that a much cheaper car would. As
far as safety goes, there are some good cars out there that can be had

Im going to get burned, arent I."

WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU? I thought you were the first Audi-addict to have a web 
site dedicated to them. I thought you and Dan started the whole qlist thing. 
What happened? How'd you loose it? Is it a New Year's Resolution to "move on 
with my life, severe all Audi ties?" Next thing you know, you'll be trading 
in your quattro for an old Chevy pickup!

In case you forgot what Audis look like, have a look at:
Check out the blue coupe and the blurb about you.