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More Rallies

Speaking of Rallies,

A friend of mine has told me about what I think is a divisional SCCA rally at
Apple Hill in NY state somewhere.  If it isn't SCCA it is for the hell of it.

Sat is the rally and sunday a rally cross.

It is on for Jan 18-19th.  I hope I can get more info.  Would be a cool think
thing to watch.

I think a farmer who is a rally nut lets local rally guys make stages on his
property.  This is what I've heard.

I'll look for more info

I think the guy at the LRP club event with the 5ktq rally car will be there.
Anybody know him to check this out.

Also, did you guys know about a rally driving school here in CT.  Bob D?  Kerry
Voll runs it.