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RE: Road & Track Feb. 97

In a note dated 1/1/97, Jonathan Linkov asks;
>On the topic of European Car, is it just me or have they basically ignored
the A4q >2.8 that is a project car?  I haven't seen much on it except in the
braking >department, though every little GTI, Scirocco or Jetta is frequently
updated.  What >gives?
I thought they did wheels and tires too...but in reading the article about
the A4 1.8tq in the latest issue, I gather that they are having too much fun
driving it to be working on it!!! Also, notice that EC has had alot more than
usual about Audi's in recent issues (though never enough!!!). No
affiliation-just my take on "what gives".

Mike Veglia
85 4ksq