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Re: Service records and Audi.com

>From: Tim Reilley <75667.1310@compuserve.com>
>Date: 02 Jan 97 15:28:30 EST
>Subject: Service records
>Is it posible to get the dealer service records without bothering the dealer?
>The one near me cannot print it and they were confused about decoding the
>numbers.  I think the person is new and they don't seem too interested in
>helping me.  Does Audi have a web site that maybe has this info?
>I cold not get to AUDI.COM today.  All I get is a copyright message.

Click on the copyright message and you will get another page, but so far
that is as far as that site will go.  The one from Germany with English
version does a lot more but I am not sure if the dealer info can be accessed
or not.

Airdrie, AB, Canad