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0% of 477K

I cringe when I bring up a quattro archive that is described at the
bottom of my Netscape browser by "0% of 669K". I have a fairly quick Mac
with lots of RAM but it still takes _forever_ to reload the list and
then to find an entry. I really hate to think of what it might be like
to access it from the hard disc. I do other things while I'm waiting but
take up a a lot of phone time nevertheless. I love seeing "6% of 30K" at
the beginning of the month and read almost all the posts for the first
week or so because everything moves right along.

Really, no offence meant, but couldn't the archives be broken down
weekly? The increasingly cumbersome lists that grow by the day are to
say the least, discouraging. I find my self reading the NEON list just
to experience its speed even though I'm not the least bit interested in
its content. Am I tilting at a windmill? Does it run on quattro?