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Re: odometer not working- '87 5ksq

James Fawcett wrote:
> At 07:27 AM 12/30/96 -0400, you wrote:
> >The odometer in my car stopped working. The speedometer works fine.
> >Would it be a cable? Or is it the plastic gear inside the speedometer? Do I
> >have to remove the instrument cluster panel in either case?
> >TIA
> >
> >Lenny ROsenbaum
> >'87 5ksq
> Had the same problem.  It was the gears inside the speedo.  You will have to
> remove the instrument cluster and the speedo and have the gear replaced.
> Good luck.
> James Fawcett
> 86 5k TQ
> jfawcett@mail.win.orgTake it out and UPS it to Palo Alto Speedometer in Palo Alto CA. They do 
great work.

Frank Amoroso
'87 4000q
'73 914 2.0