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Re: If it WASN'T a Quattro - would you buy one?

In a message dated 97-01-02 13:02:21 EST, mx@snet.com (Bob D'Amato) writes:

<< I would not buy and Audi if it didnt have Quattro. I dont feel they have 
 any other redeeming values other than the Q system. Power?? No. Handling? 
 no. >>

Time to put take those sp8000's off and put the snows on, Bob.

<<Styling?? Maybe. >>
C'mon.  The new A4's are really nice.  And you can't say the Audis look like
everything else.  Funny how in 86 the Taurus then the accord looked so
Audi-like, years after Audi did it. 

<< Safety?? YES. One out of 4 aint great.
 Now add the cost of maintenance, poor electricals, High insurances, taxes 
 etc...I dont see what it would offer me that a much cheaper car would. As 
 far as safety goes, there are some good cars out there that can be had 
 Im going to get burned, arent I.


Alright, I've held off on this long enough!

First off, Bob, it's January 2, 1997, NOT April 1st.  Either that or your
running a serious fever and should see the doctor - I thought you'd cut down
on that ringing in the new year bit.

On a more serious note, we've had 'the following fwd models in the family:
 84 5K  auto, '87 5K auto, and a 91 100 auto (worst 4-speed auto mismatch to
an engine I can remember).  I would take these (except the '91) over most any
car for the money.  And my favorite (may she rest in peace) audi fwd car?
Happened to be one that my friend bought in California (was a European Car
Mag - before the name change) project car.  85? Coupe with custom suspension
and aftermarket turbo, arrest-me-red, Recaro front seats in custom Grey
leather, with rears to match.  Cornered like nobody's business, hardly any
torque steer.  Too bad the wastegate stuck and Melted the No.1 piston.  The
worst part?  My buddy fixed her all up and took her for a test drive without
insuring it and... "Honestly officer, a dog ran in front of me and the only
way to avoid it was to wrap the car around that tree!"  Oh well.  

Nobody said these are cheap cars.  When I worked at the dealer, it never
ceased to amaze me people who picked up a P 928 or 944t for a great price,
but were amazed at the repair expense.  These make the audis (for the most
part) a real deal.  

Do you just want transportation or a car that loves to be driven and is safe
as well? I'd rather not spend the money on a new car right now and I drive
too much for a lease, so my choices are limited.   Quattro is indeed what
made me an Audi fan, so the 'what if ' question is really moot to me.  By the
way, I know a few guys that work for the local MWB dealership and used to
work at the Audi dealership and they say the 325-ix can't hold a candle to
the Audi for reliabilty and surefootedness, let alone expense. Poor
electricals? (Please be lenient with me Audi Gods).  I haven't had any
specail electrical problems in either of my audis, save window regs and hall
sensors.  O wait a minute -you've got an 83 QC, don't you?

Cheer up!


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