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Re: Hella XL mounting location? (Long)

>>Santa Claus was good to me this year.  (S)he gave me a nice set of Hella 
>>XL's because s(he) got tired of saying "who turned off the lights everytime

>>s(he) switched from high beams to low beams at night.  That's the good
>Glad to hear that Santa has treated you well. And I couldn't agree with you
>more regarding "who turned out the lights?!!"
>After hearing so much talk about poor lighting, and how good the XLs are, I
>decided to splurge and buy some for my '92 100.
>I installed them a few weeks ago, and they are fantastic. I can't imagine
>driving without them. I almost don't need my high beams anymore... when I
>flick on the highs, there is no longer a DRASTIC difference. Boy, it is
>great to really see what is out there ahead of you!!


Euro lights, Euro Lights, Euro Lights.  I've got the XL's and thought 
that they were the Cat's meow UNTIL I got the Euro lamps.  There is NO 
comparision!  Now with the euro's on low beam (100w/side) and I turn on 
the formerly fantastic XL's (also with 100w/side), I can't see them.....  
They add NOTHING.........  

In a few days I'm going to post my Euro light/fog lamp/XL "Shoot Out" and 
to say that the Euro's won would be an understatement.   BTW My XL's are 
for sale........


Eric Fletcher S.O.C.
St. Louis, MO