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Re: DISagree WIth Bob here...

I think I am going to shoot myself in the foot but I do agreed with you 
of the handling of BMW, I've driven two late model BMW i.e. a 94' 325i 
and 94' 530i. I got to drive my cousins car in Oahu up those twisty roads 
on Northshore, talking about impressive brakes and responsive engine. 
I got to admit to my cousin that her car handles alot better than my 
Audi, the suspension felt stiffer but less ride harshness than the Audi. 
She knew that I am very partial to Audi and I told her I wouldn't 
mind getting a 530i if I have $45,000 to spare. Then I get to drive her 
sister car in Redondo beach a '94 325i when I was down there in Feburary for 
our big family reunion. Again I think it's handle very well, stiffer suspension 
but without the harshness of my 100 V6, I never thought I would call the 
ride of my beloved 92' 100 V6 harsh until I drove both the 530i and 325i 

I still don't like the pre 96' 5 series interior. The 325i's interior 
is ok but looks flimsy. I know I am comparing a rear drive car to 
a fwd Audi. Yes, the quattro may handle better than a rear drive BMW in 
some situation but the I think in terms of stock unmodified suspension & 
brakes the BMW definitely has an edge over the Audi. I also get to drive a 
MB S320 when I was in Honolulu(I get to drive all these puppies because my 
cousin and her husband own an exotic car dealership, I wished I know 
how to drive a stick then I get to try the 348GTS and Tesstarossa they 
had). The S320 despite of its size it handles actually as good as a large 
bodied Audi like my 100 V6. When I was up at the Northshore on those narrow 
twisty roads I was surprise how agile the S320 felt, mind you this 'thing' is a 
foot longer than my 100 but I don't feel it's girth and length when I am 
tossing it left and right around those corners up in the Northshore.  

Can't say anything about the Volvo 850, never driven one. 

Talking about image, it's another reason I like the Audi better because there
are fewer of them around but not anymore. My next car, it will probably be a 
toss between an A4 or A6 quattro with the 30v V6 or a 96' 528i. 

Anthony Chan, First Hill, Seattle, WA, USA.
92' 100 V6 Tornado Red.

On Thu, 2 Jan 1997, Achille Riviello wrote:

> Date: Thu, 2 Jan 97 22:51 CST
> From: Achille Riviello <acriviel@mailhost.ecn.uoknor.edu>
> To: Ti Kan <ti@bazooka.amb.org>
> Cc: SaamG@aol.com, quattro@coimbra.ans.net
> Subject: Re: DISagree WIth Bob here...
> At 06:34 PM 1/2/97 -0800, Ti Kan wrote:
> >Achille Riviello writes:
> >> Now don't get me wrong...I love the styling, comfort, safety, etc of my A4Q.
> >> But face it...without the Quattro, most of us would be driving BMW's or
> Volvos.
> >
> >Bzzzt.  Please speak only for yourself.  I won't be caught dead in a
> >WMB or ovloV.  It's that image thing.
> >
> The Volvo 850 turbo is not simply image.  It is a fast, nice handling, safe
> car.  The BMW 540i (stock, no less) with its 282 hp will run circles around
> any stock (US) Audi.  It also handles like a dream.  It is definitely not
> simply "image".  No quattro, though.....
> Achille Riviello
> acriviel@mailhost.ecn.uoknor.edu
> 83 4000s 4E, 200k+ miles,
> 96 A4Q, 3202 miles
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> "In a world of compromise, some don't."--HK