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[Fwd: Seat covers]

> From: Myke456@aol.com
> Date: Mon, 23 Dec 1996 17:59:18 -0500
> Subject: Dk Blue, leather sport seat covers needed
> I know this is a long shot, but should anyone know of the availabilty of a
> set of dk blue leather skins for both front "sport seats" (the ones with the
> side bolsters) for an 87 5k, I'd appreciate the info.
>   ([____]=====OOOO=====[____])   87 5kcsTQ, 198k miles
>  []]]]]]]][Mike Aiello][[[[[[[]     original owner
> ___\}}}/________________\}}}/_______myke456@aol.com
>        Dutchess County, NY
> ------------------------------

Myke, I have a whole set of (4) BLACK leather skins, that came off my
200TQ. Fronts are for the bolstered Recaros (including the reclining
elbow rest) plus the rears. I am not selling the HEAD RESTS!
They are still on the car.

The skins are in perfect condition, no tears or anything. I just hated
the leather (and still do) so much, that I went through a painstaking
effort of reupholstering the whole interior in a light beige veloure.

I have also covered the wooden inlays (also in a perfect condition
otherwise) with Faux Carbon Fibre and Marble-Grey Vinyl. 

This may seem strange, but I do not like leather and
wood in a car. BTW, the veloure is sooooo much nicer in both winter and
summer time, that I would highly recommend doing what I've done with the
interior (coffee spills in the morning rush hour will not be an option
after that, however;-).

If you still want to do the leather thing, and don't mind changing the
colour of the interior, I'd let the whole set go for $200 (+shipping).
The same set from a dealer costs $6439 (not that anyone would be crazy
enough to buy it at that price! I was just curious to find out how much
the first owner had paid for this very questionable "luxury" option).

Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ

P.S. My apologies for spamming the list. I originally intended to mail
this post directly to Myke, but later learned that Avi and somebody else
were looking for the leather skins as well.