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Re: It's good to be back (again!). Canada trip report.

On Fri, 3 Jan 1997 e6941tb@gnn.com wrote:

> A 10v 200 will take 3(!) different MC's (and 2 different hydroboosters):
> A 5000 will take 2 different MC's:
> 3. 443 611 021 (23,81x19/17)
> 4. 447 611 021 (25,40x18/18) for vehicles w/larger permissible load (and

Thanks,  this is good info to have on hand.  I am pretty sure that my MC 
has also gone south, so I'll be replacing it soon.  GPR quoted me about 
100 bucks.

> I have the impression that Montreal (and especially the old Quebec City)
> are about the only places in North America, that carry a distinctive
> european charm.

Indeed, those cities do have a distinctly European charm.  I particularly 
like Quebec City - I have an Aunt & Uncle there - the city is very 
quaint.  There are a couple others though.  In Ontario, 
Kitchener/Waterloo is very German.  Before WW1, it was called Berlin.  
They have lots of little delis, with German food, and the local radio 
station used to play German OomPaa music on Sunday afternoon.  :-)

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