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Re: A6QuattroWagon

>We're considering trading in our '91 200 Quattro Wagon (Pearl) for a '97 A6
>Quattro Wagon.  Any thoughts (especially in re: general performance, and
>whether the rear seats are ok for children)? 

There's nothing wrong with the performace of the A6QW that another 50 hp wouldn't cure.  But even though it 
barely beats most 4 cyl minivans off the line, once you get your two tons of German steel going, it will 
cruise effortlessly at license revoking speeds.  We put over 1800 miles on our 92 100 CSQW (same body style 
and engine as the 97) over the holidays going to San Diego and back and feel that the combination of 
smoothness, interior room and the advantage of quattro is ideal for all-weather, long distance, high speed 
touring.  I prefer the styling of the 92+ 100/A6, but that is purely subjective.  Audi wagons have always been 
the nicest looking "grocery getters".  The third seat is fine for children or even small adults for short 
distances.  When it comes time to sell ours in a year or two, we will definitely consider a newer A6 or 
perhaps a new A4QW.

Albuquerque, NM, USA
92 100 CSQW
92 100 S