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Security system fail?

I will be surprised if anyone spots this...the volume on the list is
incredible, running at over 150 messages every day. Just as if you lot saved up
all your intelligent conversation over the holidays.

Anyway here is the prob: I have a 100 CSQ of 1992 vintage and cannot get the
security system to arm from the infra red key switch(es). I have done the usual
stuff like check the batteries in both keys, resynch the codes per the manual,
resynch the driver profile per the manual etc. But the button has no effect.
The alarm indicates it is set when the door is locked with the key, so I dont
think its the circuit breaker...any other ideas before I head for the dealer to
have the transmission replaced...just kidding, but I would not be surprised to
have them tell me that is the cure. So here I am in hopeful mode, hoping that
someone on the list can keep me out of their avaricious hands.

colin cohen.