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Re: Bobbing for apples to oranges

In a message dated 97-01-03 14:07:54 EST, you write:

<< situation. How about an Escort GT at half the price?! Put in a roll cage 
 and now its just as safe!
 I like audi BECAUSE of quattro. Amen. Thats all. I didnt pick it up for 
 its 'cool styling' Bzzzzzzt! The 90's look too 'japanese' IMHO. That isnt 
 necesarrily bad, so dont flame me, but I just dont like "generic car" and 
 I feel the 90's fall into that category when it comes to looks. The A4 is 
 a much sexier car, but from the rear, its not too far off from an Accord...
 So I expressed my opinion...dont crucify me for it...and Ill still stick 
 by it. Its quattro dammit!  :)

And the escort has a better designed rear suspension...  I know more about
the audi line than any other I've played with, and confidently wrote the
Subj:	Re: Do not Agree WIth Bob here...
Date:	97-01-03 13:17:30 EST
To:	quattro@rogerswave.ca

In a message dated 97-01-03 10:41:08 EST, you write:

<< I don't know where you get of talking like this.  I could say that my 
 faith is to 911, not Porsche.  The fact is that withouut Audi you 
 would be driving  a Subaru or other 4wd crap.
 Other than the 4wd all Audi 4wd models are almost identical to their 
 2wd counterparts.  Lucky for most of us becouse we can swap the used 
 parts without a problem.  Oh no but they are AUDI parts not QUATTRO.  
 They are not worthy to be on my car.  Listin to yourself.
 I hope I did not offend any one the truth is we all drive Audis even 
 though they are 2wd, and quattro would not exist without Audi, so 
 give credit where credit is due.
 Regards Martin.
Disagree with you here, my faith is the 993 not the 911, actually the 951
would be a close second....  A porsche without a 924, not sure I'd take that
apples argument....  I repair audis as a sideline business, and make good
money doing it, but no doubt a high maintenance auto...  I used to sell
subbies, and can say NO I wouldn't own one in spite of the awd....  Second to
the audi quattro system is a well balanced rear wheel drive car with a
limited slip diff....  The b*w comes to mind immediately...  The audi front
driver never does....  Look at the suspension differences between the front
drive and the awd, again apples to oranges, especially, or specifically in
the rear, nothing is interchangeable there on any of the audi line..  Panrod
beam axles on a 35k auto is just silly to me.....  Audi deserves the credit
for quattro system in road cars, not in the design of anything but the
quattro road cars however....  Just too many other cars on the road more
worthy of ownership....  When you delete quattro the eye will wander, and it
should...  Compare one as an example, even the a4fwd with it's sophisto front
wheel drive system is not four ring flag waving territory...  I assure you, I
drive, tweek and evaluate cars based on their merits, and can SAY that the
advantage quattro is a statement in and of itself....  Let's not let this
list make the cars something they are not, that tunnel vision is best left to
the bmw list....


I submit that sometimes the mind plays games on reality...  Reality is that
in FWD mode, audis have a LOT of competition in design and execution.....  In
quattro mode, the field is narrow, and the monopoly belongs to audi quattro
system.....  I personally could care less about sheet medal, the car HAS to
compete in the market in which it was designed to compete...  In front
drivers audi comes up a wee bit short...  There would be NO audis in my fleet
if it weren't for the quattro, period...  Sorry...  So, I stand beside Bob
for his heretical statement...  Audi quattros rule is fair, audis rule would
be a major stretch....