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Euro lights for the 5kt-200t/q

Be advised folks that the euros that Matrix sells are not the covetted ones,
albeit better than the stock US lites....  The problem with them is that they
use a H3 bulb (east west) in the high beam and have the euro pattern in the
H4...  The matrix lites are Hella euros, the covetted ones are the Cibie
conversions, they use a north south oriented H1 bulb and a better
reflector/lens setup, good luck findin 'em (tho alot of CAN cars had them)...
 The euros also have a right side high angle beam pattern for the low beam,
good again, but not in thick fog...  And since you can't run fogs without
headlites in the US, you are taking a compromise with those eurobeams.....  

HERE"S THE TICKET - READ:  inexpensive and correct
If the 550USD sounds high, those with the 5kt-200t/q can retrofit the quad
four headlites from the early 84-86 5k....  Get the Z-Beam (no euro upangle
on right side) H4 and the off road H1 inner high, you will spend prolly
100USD on the lites and can get the quad four conversion accomplished for
less than that, and you will have more correct lites than any euro
conversion, spending a fraction of the cost, with better beam pattern, no
real need for fogs, and you can go with the 100w inner highs without
refraction problems the Hella euros cause with that setup.  Both Hella and
Cibie have quad four Z-Beams, look for the rallye inner highs tho, they are
better than the standard issue...........  You really want to help the looks
cool thing (I realize quads are out, babe), get Extang to get you the lexan
cover, or spend some time to convert to the 5 3/4 rounds and do the z-beam
again, not as acient looking as the quad rectangles....  I looked seriously
at the euros for the tqc, and decided that red looks cool enough, so the
quads stay, a compromise for better light....  Hmmmm tough one there....

The euros are better than the stock US lites, no doubt, but to spend that
kind of money and still have compromises, just doesn't sit well with me...  A
great price tho, and those adj thumbwheels are neat too....   Cool...

Just thinkin....