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Re: was DISagree now (my a**hole knots up...)

dunno if I disagree or agree w/ Bob...

We were sort of looking for a car for my wife to drive. She didn't
want to drive the S6 due to her former employer's parking, e.g. it
was parked by the attendants (crammed into tiny spaces). She drove
the Ford Ranger (Eliot's favorite car...)

We looked at several coupes, but here in Seattle they want a pretty
penny for them. The good new is that they don't get what they're
asking. We were out walking in the snowstorm and walked by the
"repo depot", where repossessed and lease-turnback cars are for
sale by bid only.

There were the usual late model, high mileage cars. Didn't see any
Audis worth having. Multiple Lexii, the odd WMB and others. We spotted
a '95 Cabrio w/ 11K miles. We jokingly put in a bid. We bid just over
wholesale base (price before option and low mileage adders). They
called the next day. We bought it!

Now I just sit here and drool over all of the tweeked Cabrios w/
220-230 bhp modded VR6 motors and Quaife differentials in Euro Car...
gonna be a fun summer if I can pry that baby loose for a few days.

steve powers