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Re: a4q test drive. Pricing, anyone?

At 01:02 AM 1/4/97 -0500, Jeff Wasilko wrote:

>>>>>>>>>big snip<<<<<<<<

>Has anyone pre-ordered a 5-speed manual? What kind of price were
>you able to agree on? My preliminary talk with the salesperson
>(Pass & Weiss) ferreted out that they would be looking for 2k
>over invoice for the base car, and then dealer cost for all
>options. On a loaded car (all packages) it translates to $1180
>off list (or a 4% discount). Has anyone done better?

Here is the Edmunds pricing guide for the 1997 A4 1.8T:

8D25I4 Sedan 1.8T 4-Dr 5-speed Manual 
Invoice = $20,246 
MSRP = $22,990 
Destination Charge: $500 
Gas Guzzler Tax: 
Dealer Holdback: None

Optional Equipment and Accessories:

Option Code Option Name                           Invoice     MSRP
8RY         Audi/Bose Audio System                  $574      $660
            Includes 8 speakers
---         Paint -- Pearlescent                    $496      $570
QTR         Quattro All-wheel Drive System        $1,600    $1,600
2PV         Sport Steering Wheel                    $139      $160
            INCLUDED in Sport Package on 1.8T
PCC         Power Sunroof                         $1,035    $1,190
            Includes remote locking
---         Automatic Transmission                  $925      $975
9Q2         Trip Computer                           $218      $250
---         Leatherette Seats                         $0        $0
PAW         All Weather Package (1.8T)              $609      $700
            Includes heated front seats, heated
            driver's side door lock, heated
            windshield washer nozzles, expandable
            ski/storage sack, temperature gauge
2PV         Leather-wrapped Steering Wheels         $139      $160
---         Paint -- Cool Shades                    $400      $460
---         Paint -- Metallic Mica (1.8T)           $400      $460
PSP         Sport Package (1.8T)                    $870    $1,000
            Includes front sport seats with Jaquard
            satin cloth upholstery, sport steering
            wheel, 16-inch alloy wheels, P205/55R16
            all-season tires
OLM         California Emissions                      $0        $0
1QE         Massachusetts Emissions                   $0        $0
NYE         New York Emissions                        $0        $0

A fully loaded 1.8T (5-speed) with metallic paint would invoice at $25552,
including the $500 delivery/prep.  5% over figures in at $26829.60.  That's
a $1277.60 profit for the dealership.  Too much in my opinion.  I think if
you shop around and are a good bargainer, you should be able to get them
down to about $750 over.  I got my 96 A4Q 2.8V6 for about $180 over invoice,
but I worked them *hard*.  Good luck.

Achille Riviello
83 4000s 4E, 200k+ miles,
96 A4Q, 3202 miles
HK P7M13
"In a world of compromise, some don't."--HK