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Re: Leaking Water Pump please HELP

dougev wrote:
> I also have another question...My compression ratios vary quite a lot..
> 120 - 155- 108 - 159 - 128.

It's pretty typical for Nos.1 and 5 (less clamping force on the head
bolts, they give first). No.3 with 108psi? Hmmm....

You are at the limit with a 39psi compression differential between the
min and the max cyl. I would expect a gasket blow up fairly soon. When
that happens, do the head job (check/lap the valves/seats, replace the
valve guide seals etc, whatever comes in a head gasket kit). Also
inspect the cylinder walls for scoring/roundness, although I don't
expect anything bad on an L5 Audi engine at 88kmi. You are likely to
still see the criss-sross marks from the factory honing. Plus, yours is
a bullet-proof 4000.

My ex 5000s blew the gasket at about 135kmi with the similar simptoms on
cyl #1. The kit was less than $100, took me one day to do the job (with
valve lapping and all) in a rather leisure pace with a bottle of
Mackeson Triple Stout in hand. Piece of cake. The cam was NEW (not even
"like new") and the cylinder walls still had the honing marks on them
after 135kmi on the clock and I was a 3rd owner. Now my buddy, who
virtually wrestled me to sell it to him, took it over 200kmi and does
not hesitate to drive it as far as Canada or Florida. And that is an '85
5000s FWD (although a 5-sp!). The model and the model year of which
could scare off a dedicated Audi fanatic by a horrible build quality!

Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ