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Price break on new Audis

To those of you in AudiLand with more money than I:

Since I have seen a number of posts of people dissatisfied with the sales
and price/haggling of new Audis, I called Craig Brooks, GM of Midwestern
Auto Group here in Columbus and spoke with him about those of you that are
looking for an A4 2.8/1.8 or any other new Audi.  Told him that I thought a
fair price was 4-5% over invoice.  He agreed that 4-5% was fair and would  .
Craig and David Williams, the salesperson (and Audi Brand Specialist) I have
been working with, have been more than helpful.  Craig said he's not sure
how many 1.8TQ manuals he will have but he would be willing to help in any
way he can. He said he has a black/tan 1.8TQ manual sport pkg/roof pkg/ cold
pkg/ on its way which was not spoken for as of this morning.  

I have no affiliation with the dealership or anything to gain by this, I
just have been satisfied with them.  I can understand the frustration of
haggling over price.  I sold cars this past summer and couldn't stand the
lack of integrity in the business. 

For those of you are interested, David said to either email or call him and
he would take care of everything.
Tell him that you are part of the Qlist, and read this post.  He said he
would order/locate or whetever it took to get the car you wanted.

David Williams
Midwestern Auto Group
5016 Post Rd.
Dublin, OH  43017  (Suburb of Columbus, OH)
Telephone: 614.889.2571 Ext 130
Fax: 614.889.2877
Email: dwilliams@magcars.com

Hope this helps.  Don't like people paying more for cars than they have to.

P.S.  They also carry Porsche, Ferrari, Lotus, Range Rover, BMW, Saab, Rolls
Royce/Bentley, Aston Martin, VW, Hummer, and Bugatti. (Didn't ask about 4-5%
over cost on these though)
Let me know how it goes


Bryan Bowen
Junior, Elon College (North Carolina)
International Business and Spanish Double Major

Currently without a car
(Looking for a Coupe Quattro or enough money to get an A4 1.8TQ)