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Re: help, moron interfered w/ installation & is jerk

-- [ From: human * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --

> They wanted to charge  me for the installation, so once the guy had
already spent 30 minutes on it, I told him I wanted to return the stereo
since they were going to charge me for installation.  They finallly said
they would do it for free........you have to treat these people like counter
help if you want to get your way!

Ouch!  Obviously the phrase "what goes around comes around" means nothing to

>OK, problem:  they told me they may have to reroute around the rear speaker
amp, and that would cost $30, I told him to take a flying leap!  So as a
result, I'm gettting the "whine" in my rear speakers that is commisurate
with engine speed.  So, I guess I need to disable my rear amp, maybee? 
WHere is it and how do I do it?  BTW, electronics are not my speciality! 
I'm only good with mechanical problems.

I hope no one helps you for free after what you did.  A flying leap?  To do
something you don't know how to do?  I say let you stew in your whining car.
 Think the folks you treated like dirt will help you with it for nothing if
you dump on them some more?

>Hope you are all having a great new year, I just started a new job and it
looks to be a great year ahead for me (and for AUDI)!

I hope in your new job no one ever treats you the way you apparently just
treated someone else.

Don't hate me for this folks, I just can't stomach encouraging this mis-
treatment of wage slaves.  They are human, too.
"But sometimes murder is the only door through which to enter life" - Tom

Huw Powell

HUMAN Speakers