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Re: 91 200 brake pad light

Ah,  Phil in the UK: hold down the noise. 

As stated, we have 3 Audis in the family now, including 2 of this model.
I think I should be expected to know something about the subject. Give
me some credit for knowing some basic tenets of safety. Did you think I
would send a son on the road with questionable equipment? I donít think
so. I was looking for some help with the problem not a nose bleed...

FYI, again, the front pads are like new. I put new rear pads on myself
in addition to the perfectly operating front brakes. The sensors do not
affect the ďck..Ē light. We pulled off the sensors checked them, crossed
them etc. the idiot light did not change. We had Audi dealer run a quick
check he could not find a problem but no time to ferret out the reason
before leaving town.

I did not want to waste Q-list time going through all that story, thatís
why I said what I did. 

If any knowledgeable person on UFOs - really this idiot light- has some
ideas I would appreciate a note...but not admonitions on judgment