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Re: help, moron installed stereo in CQ (bypass rear amp?)

At 01:53 PM 1/4/97 PST, you wrote:
>     Why would you expect free installation?  Time costs money and so does 
>     installing radios.  But $30 extra to just bypass an amp is a lot.  
>     Anyway, in my 5000 the amp is in the trunk mounted to the bottom of 
>     the rear deck.  I'm no expert on electronics but most amps require a 
>     low input signal. You can't put an amplified signal into an amp, which 
>     may be the problem your having.  Find the amp, disconnect the speaker 
>     wires and run the wires directly to the speakers.

Actually, the 5K rear amp is a high input (amped) signal. I expect the
problem is that Bluapunkt uses a floating ground system, and the Sony (along
w/everyone else) does not.

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