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Re: No butane, some reality tho

In a message dated 97-01-04 23:38:41 EST, you write:

<< Here it goes...    I sold my Ur-quattro for a VW.
>>>  Just drove one of those from Chicago to Detroit to pick up my urq, so
can share some impressions  (red 88 quantum synchro wagon, T-red 77k on it)

 A 1988 VW syncro wagon.
>>>>  Nice shape to it, comfy ride too, that roof rack is a delete, tho,
makes a ton of wind noise....
 So, this is also the car that I  bought if it wasn't a quattro too...
 Here are the pluses over my old 1983 Ur-q and what reeled me
 into this...
 1.  26-28 mpg (can't touch dat with an Ur-q...)
>>>>  good luck finding that 28, especially any thing close in the city, btw,
my new urq got 31mpg coming home to chitown......
 2.  A real AUDI 5 cyl 2.22 ltr 115hp engine
 3.  016 quattro transmission, quattro rear diff
4.11, and 3500rpm at 70, got really loud for me.....
 4.  5 years newer (this goes without saying)
 5.  Still has the 'old style' air system with cold on the face and hot feet
Best of the best here...  :)
 6.  5 doors (two rear doors for the new baby seat and 1 big-ass trunk)
 7.  Roll-back sunroof
That I miss big time, I haven't pulled a roof since the scirocco days
 8.  Half as much money
 9.  Way cheaper parts
Wait till you go after the rear quantum synchro only brake pieces parts.....
 Lots of synchro only stuff on that car my friend
 10. A/C system works!
 11. Major upgrading funds for the fatherly syncroquattrowagon
Turbo?  I have a couple here....
 12. Rear swing arm suspension, not a reversed front end.
 13. I can experience farhervergnugen once again!
Hey excuse yourself....
 Here's what I lost;
 1.  Hwy power and tickets
 2.  Noise
Don't count on that....
 3.  Leaky windshield
Or this for long
 4.  Crappy petrol mpg's
Or this
 5.  Ur-q owner status... does it matter? (heck I'll start a SportSyncro
 6.  Driving feel & pleasure
They actually ride very nicely, make sure the front strut bearings are not
 7.  Expensive $$$ hard to find parts
Not so sure here....
 8.  Broken window regulators
Or here
 9.  Low voltage problems
Or here....  Battery is closer tho....
 10. A very rare car, that I loved much (family must come first tho...)
>>>>  It just takes a couple to get the parents to learn....  I had my first,
you couldn't see out the back of my crown vic wagon on a weekend jaunt....
 Now I have 2, and figgr weekends with the 4&5 year olds can be executed in
the Urq, and the ONLY 2 door with legroom.... (do have the 5ktq in case tho)
Carole and I looked seriously at this exact car idea, thompson (Scott
Doherty's), me with a slightly different eye than my wife (turbo avant)....
 Have fun with it, it handles very well for a shoebox, and has great interior
space....  Might look at the upgrade from those 14inch GTI wheels tho....