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alphabet soup (fwd)

	1996 was a banner year for me; getting ready for the big 60 in 97.  
joined a gym, started pumping iron ,(2) bought my first Audi ,1988 5000cs, 
turbo and fuel injection (and for all I know ejection seats) pearlwhite, 
black and great leather interior.  I am madly  wildlly and deeply in LOVE. 
My last 25 years of vehicles have included 3 Scouts, 1 grand cherokee 
with a drinking problem (couldn't pass us a gas station without a drink   
and lastly a 1985 Toyota pickup which I had to pass onto a worthy young 
four wheeler  after only 100K 
miles because it was shedding body parts faster than I could say Bondo; 
let alone apply it.  Actually there was nothing left to apply bondo to but 
other bondo  (3) I got on the net and subscribed to this very active list 
in late 1997.  This could become an adddition.
	My question????? Would someone give me a lesson in alphabet soup.  
Like ur  I haven't been able it figure it out from context.  Other 
abbreviations you think a new comer might need..
K	Another ??????if legal.  Does coimbra stand for Uof in Portugal?