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Re: '89 80 coolant problem/cappucino machine

>On 29 Dec 1996 11:14:14 Bryan Lally wrote:

>After about a 35 mile run, the coolant overflow tank was full, and under
>slight pressure.  Some coolant was escaping from the overflow tank, and a
>little steam was coming out from under the hood.  I let the car cool off
>and came back later.  The overflow tank was almost empty - the coolant
>seems to have been sucked back into the engine.  The low coolant light came
>on, as the overflow tank was nearly empty.


This sounds a lot like a leaking head gasket.  Combustion gas can escape into
the cooling system, pressurizing it and causing the overflow tank to fill up.
 The best way to check this is to use a Snap-On test for combustion gases in
the coolant.  The kit sells for about $50, I think, but any good shop should
have it and be able to perform the test for you at a nominal charge.  A
cooling system pressure test will also help spot what's happening.

The only other possibility I can think of is a bad radiator cap.  I don't
know if the cap on the 80 controls the pressure/vacuum between the cooling
system and the overflow tank, but if it does, then a weak pressure spring
could cause a greater-than-normal flow into the tank.  I don't think this
would necessarily fill the tank, however.

Good luck tracking this down (if you haven't already found the cause).

Rick Foster