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Re: Seat Headrest Covers

Mark Badger wrote:
> Does anyone know how to remove the headrest covers (not the headrest
> itself, the skin) from the cloth (jacquard (sp?)) seats on an A4 ?

to answer my own question:

there is a slot on the underneath of the headrest, the material
"disappears" down into this slot.

attached to each "edge" of the material there is a plastic blade, with a
ridge. the ridge "clicks" the material into the headrest.

remover the headrest from the seat and look at the underneath.

start with the side of the slot that is divided into three sections
(with the allowances for the headrest tilt).

gently insert the blade of a thin screwdriver between the sliver of
plastic attached to the seatcover skin and the body of the headrest.
this pushes the blade "away" from the body and "into" the slot,
unseating the ridge.

now *gently* tug at the material and the blade will emerge from the
slot. repeat this for the other two sections.

now the "long side" will pop out easily.

pull the support assembly for the headrest, the thing with the metal
poles and the internal plastic headrest support, out through the hole in
the slipcover.

now you can remove the foam internal easily from the slip cover, and
voila ! you can now easily clean the headrest cover of hair tonic,
straightening grease, greasy paw marks, etc.

reassembling requires no tools, just reverse the procedure taking care
to fit the excess material at the seams into the cutaways for it in the