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Re: replacements for P700Z's?

>..>> 3. I also want a tire that is track/rain worthy (Pirelli P700Z's...?,
>..>>    Dunlop D40M2's, or RE71's or BFG compR1's not shaved... ?

>..>I run P700Zs on the ur-quattro.  I find them excellent for grip and for 
>..>mileage, but I find the cold/wet combination really impacts performance.  
>..>Warm/dry is always best, and warm/wet or cold/dry are good.  

>anyone have any recommendations for a good replacement tyre for the p700z?
>much as i'd like them (better than the re71's on my old '85 ur-q, and when warm
>a formidable combination) and would like to continue with them on the ur-q, they
>are hard to find and extremely expensive.  has anyone had any experience of 
>the a008 vs the dunlop sp8000 vs the newer pirelli's?

Have you tried Expedia S-01? I like 'em. Tread life is little bit short,
but grip is great. The temperature does play a role in its grippiness. But
even at sub freezing temp, it performs above-average in grip dept.

Although not available in U.S., Bridgestone has a new top tire called
Potenza RE710 Kai somewhere else around the world. They claim the
technology developed in this tire was tested in DTM, and now in
Bridgestone F1 tires (yeah, right...). But if your neck of wood got these,
it's a worth to try 'em out (well, at least I'm interested how they
perform. Hee hee!).

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