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Re: L.A. Auto Show

>All Audis for the west coast come from Houston.  I found this out 
>when I ordered my A4Q 2.8L  (15-Aug-96) and tracked it until it was 
>finished and present at my dealer (17-Oct-96).  

Bzzzzzt.  I live near Long Beach/Wilmington/Port of LA, and I have
personally witnesses Audis coming off the boat there.  Have also been
told by the local dealer, district sales rep and others that they indeed
come off in LA, Seattle and San Francisco.

>Is this a new A6, or a refined '96 A6?

Same old A6 we all know and love.

>My blonde girlfriend drives an '88 Sentra, smokes Camels, and hates 
>BMWs.  I have defended, rather than attacked, BMWs here, but they are >every bit as much status as driving machines.  The only reason I can >see to buy a 318ti (hatchback) is the label - it's uglier than a 
>Saab, not quick, the interior feels cheap and has the normal low-end >BMW texture-and-pattern matching problems.  A Corrado is a much much >better car.  An M3 I understand, but for anti-yuppies, BMWs are 
>classified in the same arena of crass vain behavior as most '80s fads >such as gold chains, Rolex watches, cocaine snorting, bleached hair 
>gelled and moused into a dangerous but poofy bouffant, nose jobs, and >perfume on men.  That said, my car will smoke your gal's BMW on 
>tentative surfaces, but I wouldn't have bothered with a Quattro were >I still living in L.A.  I might have a BMW.  I love mountain driving, >you see, and not many cars do it better than a good BMW. <g>

Her '88 Sentra will smoke a '97 328i convertible?  Let them race for
pink slips, even on "tentative" surfaces.  She will flick her Marlboro
Light out the top on the Sentar as she whizzes by.  Oh, but then later
it is "your" car.  I never said that a 328i would dust an A4Q, but she
is such a good driver that she prolly would beat you anyway.

Moreover, your lame generalizations are really trite.  Every bit as much
status as driving machines?  I think you mean MB, Jag, etc.  The 318ti
is an piece, i'll give you that, but nobody is talking about that car
(Cadillac Cimmaron, anyone?).  Don't judge a make by one model, or
otherwise all Porsches are crap b/c of the 914.  The interior in BMW
will take on Audi and anything else for that matter anyday, and you know
it.  If you are pissed b/c you feel that you wasted your money, tough. 
Rolex watches an 80's fad?  Yeah, I guess they were a fad a hundred
years ago in Switzerland as well.  Your cliche notions listed above to
be incredibly narrow-minded, or at least from one of those persons that
always wanted those things but could not get them.  Keep that crap to

>What did they attribute to their larger throttle body?  BTW, European >Car (Feb 97) has an A4 with 18" wheels in it.  It's also lowered on
>H&R springs.

They didn't attribute it to anything.

>BTW, you mentioned the upcoming Volvo AWD system.  Did they say how 
>it's coupled?

Original post said it all: THEY DID NOT SAY.

Todd (clinging to 80's fads I guess)
Former QCUSA #356
'90 80Q