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Re[2]: '97 A4Q Squeaky Brakes Won't Stop!!

     Hi, have you asked the dealer if it is the pads causing the squeek?  
     We had a Mercedes that squeeked because of the type of pads we put on.
     Good Luck fixing it.  Please let me know how you make out as I am 
     waiting for my A4 to come in March.
     Mike Jacobs
     '97 A4 1.8TQ Manual
     '92 VW GTI 16V

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Subject: Re: '97 A4Q Squeaky Brakes Won't Stop!!
Author:  jayclee@juno.com (jay c lee) at Internet
Date:    1/6/97 5:43 PM

My A4 has 11.7k on the odometer and the brakes have been squeaking for 
the past 7k.  The noise is especially loud when braking in reverse.  The 
dealer (Carlsen Audi) service guy said there wasn't anything they could 
do about it.  Let me know if you find a solution....