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Rothenburg vs Wiesbaden

Comparing the differences between the early (Rothenburg) and later
(Wiesbaden) stereos, I found the following major differences:
The Rothenburg is a 4 channel amp system (rear tq amp is a high level input
booster amp w/crossover network).
The Wiesbaden is a 2 channel amp system (front amplified), with a low level
rear out  that goes to seperate low level input amps on the speakers with
crossover built in.

This explains Christian's alternator whine - putting a amplified signal into
a low level input is an ugly scenario...

The Wiesbaden also has the 2 channel antenna feed, with a mute connection
(cell phone, I imagine) - complete with wierd connectors to make life difficult.

Bottom line is: adding Wiesbaden to an early tq like mine is not an easy
proposition - you need to add an amp, and the dual antenna input virtually
guarantees that radio reception will not be as good. Adding an aftermarket 4
channel stereo is a breeze in the earlier 5KSTQs in comparison.

PS - Christian - nice radio, but you'll be getting it back! So you can put
it back on the market... Plus, the Crutchfield adaptor would work if you
decided to recone and stay w/original system...

********************************AUDI FAN***********************************
                                       EMCM(SW) Dave Head  
87 5KCStq 183K miles and counting... 1.8 bar boost - Whee!
                                              Maitland, Florida