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Re: "Hey Mister, ya wanna buy some lights?"

On Sun, 5 Jan 1997, Graydon D. Stuckey wrote:

> On Sun, 5 Jan 1997, Dave Head wrote:
> I thought I heard Brendan say something about a short 'business' trip to 
> the east coast...  Wait a minute, he's a student, not a business man!  
> Hmmm.....

Oh man... Ill put some 5.0 badges on the fender to disguise it...that 
should throw them off! (of course Ill have to pull an injector or two to 
make it perform like a 5.0!)

> Bob, you better lock up that 20V motor too!  Brendan wants 
> more power you know.

me too! any suggestions?!

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               Drive Safe, Drive Fast, Drive a Quattro