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Re: replacements for P700Z's ?

Dave Eaton wrote:
>   has anyone had any experience of
> the a008 vs the dunlop sp8000 vs the newer pirelli's?

Kerry Leeds wrote:

> Can't comment on relative merits of A008 or newer Pirelli, but 
> I'd love to try the baddest Pirelli & the Michelin Pilot

we have a car (not an audi) that came with the Michelin Pilot's and
were  dissappointed. they drift and squeal under lateral load. we
replaced them, once they'd worn out (about 25k miles of very varied
driving), with the Dunlop d40 m2s. they are excellent (over 25k miles
and still healthy) and we'll fit these tyres again to that car and
probably our Audi (got a mention!) when it's tyres wear out (it has the
goodyear rsa tyres).

my brother has a car (same, but different wheels) with 205/50/16 Pilots
in Ney York City and has had **alot** of problems with having to replace
blistered or damaged tyres (3 replacements). the Pilots are VERY
expensive. he ended up replacing all 4 tyres with Pirellis and has had
better luck with them.

and, as the straw that broke the Michelin Camel's Back, afaic, a week
after we picked up our car with the Pilots, my wife was driving around
and got a flat, she brought the wheel to a tyre store, they found that a
"cotter pin shaft" (i.e. a little metal bar, about 1" long, with a hole
at each end) had been cast into the sidewall of the tyre. they were
amazed, we were amazed, michelin were amazed. at the time michelin had
no replacement tyres in the country (which i found incredible). the car
manufacturer end up shipping a new wheel (w/tyre) to our dealer.