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Re: A4 Audio Question

>>>>> "Dan" == Dan Masi <dan_masi@MENTORG.COM> writes:

    Dan> On Jan 6, 12:36am, Jeff Wasilko wrote:
    >> Subject: Re: A4 Audio Question I have a 2 year old Alpine
    >> 6-disc changer in my current car, and would like to be able to
    >> pop it into my (hopeully new) a4 until I get the time to move
    >> my existing system into it.
    >> The brochures state that it is a Alpine changer that you buy
    >> from the dealer...Will mine work?

    Dan> No.

    >> Will it need an adapter cable?

    Dan> Yes, and it's not just a cable difference.  You need an
    Dan> adapter that has some electronics in it.  Check the archives
    Dan> and contact Peripheral Interface Electronics, they were
    Dan> working on an adapter and I would hope that it's available by
    Dan> now.  They have an 800 number.

I just called them last week. They said to check with your local stero
dealer in 2-3 weeks (they don't seem to frendly to individuals) . Also
inquired about a price, "about $49.95" they said.

- Bob
'97 A4Q

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