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Ya'll Can't Get Rid of Me...

 Everyone here has been witnessed to my temptation to leave the Audi   
faith.  I can now say with 95% certainty that I am sticking around.  As a   
result of EXCELLENT customer service, and the fantastic personell (Laura   
& Rob) at Schaumburg Audi; I am going to buy a '90 V8 Quattro!  This car   
is PERFECT.  I has the solid (read:heavy) feel that I liked in the MB,   
and has plenty of engine for me to break laws with, and is still a   
Quattro to boot!
 I was very excited to see the post on the reliability factor of the UFO   
brakes; as this car is still fitted with them.  I have talked to a couple   
of V8 drivers, and so far all the "quirky" points have passed inspection.   
 If anyone else out there has an opinion to share about the car, please   
let me know.  NOTE: I am aware a certain high dollar maintenance items.
 Finally I was wondering if there was a V8 owners mailing list, as there   
is with the "S" series Audis; if not do we want one...

Robert Dupree
'87 5000CS Quattro (being traded)
'90 V8 Quattro

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