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Re: EDL whats the real story

> When I read the Audi brouchure describing EDL I thought great here is a
> vehicle with locking front and rear differentials.  Similar to the Toyota
> Landcrusier except the locking would be automatic not manual. I have
> since learned that EDL is a misleading name for traction control, no
> locking involved.  Is Audi trying to make us think the diffs are really
> locking. My real question, Is EDL front and back better than the old locking
> center and rear for going through deep snow?  All the theory is great but
> has anyone really put it to the test?  Is EDL just cheaper or is it better
> than locking? Seems like manual locking front and rear would be best
> when used properly.   

It works.  My 1.8TQ worked very well in the snow and slush we had up
here in the Seattle area.  I did get stuck once (high centered) when
I had to stop so as not to get too close to another driver who was
standing next to his very stuck minivan...  a quick push backwards
and I was free and able to get thru the second try.

I did get my 5kCSQ stuck on top of some slush and ice, spinning a front
wheel and both rears...  the conditions were 1' snow which had been
compacted followed by 1' snow followed by rain... if you didn't drive in
existing tire tracks, it was very easy to get stuck on top of some
of the underlying compacted snow that you couldn't see for all the slush
on top!  That's what happened to the 5k.  A couple of hours later,
I did manage to rock the 5k off its slush pile, but it took a few minutes
to do it.